Why Spa?

Since the Stone Age, people used natural springs, lakes and streams in the treatment and relief of various ailments. People began early to build baths to take advantage of the benefits of water therapy in various forms.

The town of Spa in Belgium, already in Roman times had baths with healing effects. Spa with water massage is one of them.

Throughout the ages, many studies have been made of bath beneficial effects. One of the first advantages identified being pain control. From ancient Egypt, Iceland and Japan to Native American tribes, hot springs have been used for this purpose. The modern spa with thermostat and heater keeps the water temperature at a level that provides the most benefit and relaxes muscles and joints. Swells and stress symptoms are also positively affected.

Today many uses the spa to pamper yourself or someone you care about. Most of our guests uses RelaxMe for romantic moments or for a good time with friends or family.

It is always a good time for celebration.